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A3 # Issue
LHW1202P'Chart organization and missing dictationView Detail
LHW1344P'Excessive NICU Isolette Rental CostsView Detail
LHW1217P'Fiberoptic endoscopes (F.E.s) are unavailable when neededView Detail
LHW1270P'Patients are getting delayed EKG's due to misplaced leadsView Detail
JGH1359PAction for out of range pt food tempsView Detail
SLV1298PAncef/Pepcid not available in SDC prior to surgeryView Detail
SLV1305Pcourier delays-clinic MDs are not always getting all lab results on that day from AM drawsView Detail
SLV1304Pcredit card balancing taking too long now-will get worse with adding WellSpring cc machinesView Detail
JGH1355PCurrent Quality and Compliance data indicates that ED and 3rd Floor nursing units are not following Restraint Standards ConsistentlyView Detail
JGH1360PCurrent standard work for refrigerator monitoring failed to meet DNV COP's. Out dated food found in pt fridgeView Detail
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